The Design Hotel as "opera", to win in a changing market by Simone Micheli at the DLT 2017 exhibition

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 08:53

On September 28, at the Design Living Tendency exhibition Simone Micheli, famous Italian architect and designer, will held a master-class on the theme The Design Hotel as "opera", to win in a changing market.

The Simone Micheli’s speech will be focused on concepts of sustainability and identity, analysing all the main points of the contemporary debates: how from the new types of content's and shape's alteration you can reach the passing of distributive stereotypes, the optimization of ergonomic, spatial and economic fields, the eco saving, till arriving to the explanation of communicative dynamics.

The speech will be associated with a meaningful review of “key history” photos representing the pragmatic and real milestones that build the Simone Micheli's architectural tale.

Simone Micheli founded his Studio in 1990 and in 2003 the Simone Micheli Architectural Hero Company, based in Florence, Milan, Dubai and Busan. His professional activity moves towards different directions: from architecture to interior design, from visual design to communication; his eco-friendly and nature-oriented creations are characterized by strong identity and uniqueness. Many of his works are realized for public administration and for important private clients linked with the residential world.

His works have been shown in the most important international exhibitions; he held conferences and lessons in universities and cultural institutes of many cities; his publications are on the most important national and international magazines.

There are many interviews dedicated to his works and his last monograph Simone Micheli From The Future to The Past published in 2012 is a selection of projects belonging to his last twenty years of activity.

Already waiting Simone Micheli in Kiev!