Seminar “How to work with foreign clients” has been successfully held today at “Design. Living Tendency 2017”

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Friday, 29 September 2017 10:32

Founder of the studio “TabooretKateryna Churina works with foreign clients and knows what one should start with, working with foreign objects, and how to realize what a foreign client needs.

How to find a project?

    1. Connections (relatives and acquaintances abroad);
    2. Contests abroad;
    3. Exhibitions (advertising and valuable experience);
    4. Be a “yes-man”! Even an unprofitable project abroad can be a good prospect for future orders.

      Got a project. What is next?

        1. The first meeting with object;
        2. Long correspondence;
        3. Handover of every stage;
        4. Choosing materials;
        5. Handover of the project’s design.

          How to realize a project remotely?

            1. “Blind dates” with construction workers;
            2. Correspondence and video-calls during the project’s run;
            3. Purchase of materials and equipment;
            4. Takeover of the project.


              The venue of exhibition:

              International Exhibition Centre
              15 Brovarskyi Ave., Kyiv
              Livoberezhna metro station